Power flushing services in Bristol

We offer power flushing services in and around Bristol.  The main reason behind having your central heating system power flushed is to clean out the radiators, pipework and boiler of any magnetite, rust and scale. These can build up and damage your boiler, block your radiators and corrode causing leaks.

Power flushing your central heating system every 3-4 years can prevent corrosion, prolong the life of your boiler and reduce the risk of a leak on your central heating.

Why should you get a power flush from Zeal Services

We use several different types of power flush, depending on what type of system you have and whether or not you have a central heating filter installed.  Power flushing your system is a pre-requisite for all new boiler installations and not having one done can invalid the manufacturers warranty.

At Zeal we ensure that all our power flushes are done to the highest standard.  We ensure that the correct chemicals are used in both the cleaning process and dosing after.  Once the system has been cleaned and fresh water has been filled into the system, an inhibitor will need to be added to reduce the chance of a chemical reaction taking place within the heating system which causes rust and magnetite.

power flushing services in Bristol

Power flushing Bristol

We serve Bristol and the surrounding areas.  Our prices start at only £250 + VAT depending on the size of your central heating system i.e. number of radiators.  We only use high quality products and chemicals to ensure you get the best value for your money.

What are the benefits to power flushing Bristol?

Having your central heating system power flushed can improve the efficiency of your boiler and radiators, reducing your heating bills and reducing the risk of break downs and leaks.  Having a clean central heating system ensures that no blockages restrict the flow of hot water around your radiators and through your boiler, which means your home heats up faster.  A faster heating system means less work for the boiler to do and reduces the amount of time the boiler needs to be working, which in turn reduces your energy consumption and bills.

Also keeping the system clean means there is a reduced risk of rust building up within the system and corroding the radiators, pipework and internal components to the boiler.  Central heating systems rust from the inside out.  So if you already have a little bit of rust on your radiators chances are there is a lot more rust internally.  This can be a sign that you need your central heating system power flushed and possibly new radiators fitted.

We recommend top quality central heating filters such as Adey MagnaClean or Spirotech central heating filters to keep the system clean over the years in between having your central heating power flushed. These filters collect magnetite, rust and any other magnetic material that float around your central heating that could cause blockages or corrosion.  The filters are then cleaned out every 4-6 months to ensure they’re always doing their job.

What to do next?

Contact us today to book in your power flush or have a central heating filter installed.  We can give you an estimate over the phone with some information provided by yourself, to ensure you’ll get everything you need.

If you don’t know when the last time yours system was cleaned, or whether or not you’ve got the right amount of inhibitor in the system contact us for a central heating check up.  We also provide boiler services and repairs plans to keep you running and reduce the hassle of finding a plumber whenever your boiler breaks down.