If you have cold spots in radiators or if they’re not working efficiently, this could be an indication that your central heating system is blocked. We would recommend a Power flush which is a deep cleansing process for your boiler and heating system.

Using a special machine, a chemical is circulated through your radiators, pipes and boiler at a high pressure. This will remove any dirt sludge rust or debris, that may have accumulated within your system overtime.

The benefits of a power flush can include improving energy efficiency and system reliability which could potentially lower energy bills. This will also help to increase the life span of your boiler and central heating system, radiators will warm up faster and you will gain a better quality of heating and hot water with reduced noise from your boiler and radiators.

If you think your system may have a blockage or his become unusually noisy at Zeal Services, we are on standby with fully qualified engineers who are experienced in system blockages. We offer two types of power flushing with mains pressure or

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